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Web Application Developer

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Web services? Need API?

We develop the web applications. Server-side development, Web services, API development. If you’re looking for the web developer, please talk to us.

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Web App Development

Web services / Backend / Frontend

We develop the web application with the agile software development.
Quickness, flexibility and maintainability.

API Development

API for mobile application, react, any other services

Our Own Services

Gochii.com: Bangkok Restaurant Guide with user reviews (Only in Japanese)


Ruby on Rails

Speed, Flexibility, Maintainability


Go language


Amazon Web Services. (EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, ElasticBeanstalk, CloudSearch, etc)

Git, Slack

Modern way. Github, Slack, web-meeting


Takayoshi Nishida
CEO & Engineer

After graduating from the university, I gained experiences through working at companies and I established Zoono Inc on 2014. I develop the software for the start-up companies based in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Company Info

Company Name Zoono Inc.
CEO Takayoshi Nishida
Established July 2014
Location Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan
Website https://zoono.tech (English)
https://ja.zoono.tech (Japanese)


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