Zoono Inc.

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Software Development

We develop the web applications for clients. Server-side development, Web services, API development. If you’re looking for the software engineers, please talk to us.

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Software Development

Web Applications / Softwares

We develop the web applications with quickness, flexibility and maintainability,
based on the agile software development.

- Design System Architecture
- Web Application Development
- Database Design
- TDD (Test Driven Development)
- CLI Tools Development

API Development

We can develop the API with solid design.
Those are used to interact with another software, or connect backend with frontend.

- API Design
- gRPC

Server Infrastructure

We solve the infrastructure problems

- Kubernetes
- Docker
- AWS (Amazon Web Services)
- GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
- Microsoft Azure

Execution platform for AI system

- Python
- Go
- Apache Airflow
- Kubernetes
- Docker
- gRPC
- GCP, AWS, Azure

Video Converter System and API development

- Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra)
- FFmpeg
- Docker
- Azure

Real Estate Web Application Platform

- Ruby (Ruby on Rails)
- React
- Python
- MySQL, Redis - AWS (EC2, RDS, ElasticBeanstalk, CloudSearch, etc)


Company Info

Company Name Zoono Inc.
Established 2014 July
Location Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan
Website https://zoono.tech (English)
https://ja.zoono.tech (Japanese)


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